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peer-reviewed journal articles

Skwarcan, S., and Bell, C.J., in review, Title here: Journal of Cave and Karst Studies.

published abstracts

Skwarcan, S., 2022, Review of late Pleistocene and early Holocene vertebrate faunal records from central Texas caves and contextualization within paleoclimatic and archaeological contexts: National Speleological Society Convention Program Guide, Rapid City, South Dakota, 13 - 17 June, p. 65.

Skwarcan, S., 2020, Synthesis of Paleoclimate, Paleoecological, and Archaeological Data for Central Texas over the Last 20,000 Years: 123rd Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Science Official Program, Stephen F. Austin State
 University, 28 - 29 February, p. 102.

other written works

Sekhon, N., and Skwarcan, S., 2020, At the Intersection of Art, Science, and Community: Science, Y'all! Blog Post,

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